What is MOLLE?

MOLLE is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. Rows of heavy-duty nylon webbing are stitched on our RSG products allowing you to securely attach MOLLE Compatible pouches and gear for your next adventure.

Benefits of RSG With MOLLE


The MOLLE system lets you decide what gear you want to take on your next adventure or simply go without and use the harness for control.


Add patches, knick-knacks, and tags. The choices are almost endless.


Built on years of tactical, field tested engineering, our MOLLE RSG is built to be taken on adventure.

Functional. Customizable. Modular.

RSG Makes It Easy To Personalize Your Dog Harness With MOLLE Gear And Patches.

County Harness

Comfort, ease of use, and control

The harness features an expanded padded back plate and a broad padded chest area to better distribute weight. The harness can be used daily but offers plenty of room to add RSG compatible accessories for extended trips.

Townie Harness

Easy on and off, single buckle design

Used widely in Europe by athletes, service, working and security dogs, the Townie Harness is lightweight, and has a single buckle design made for comfort, ease of use and control.

Gear Up for Adventures Together



Turn your County or Townie Harness into a pack for day or weekend trips. You can add one or two depending on your packing needs.

A simple way to carry some extra water on the trail with our BPA-Free hydration solution. It can hold up to 12 ounces of fluid.

Our RSG Dog First Aid Kit is the perfect companion to your RSG Activity Belt or County or Townie Harness. This 49-piece kit includes a Pet First Aid Guide.

Yorm Bag

YORM (you or me) Bag is the perfect stash pouch for dog or human treats.

Mini Mash N Stash

Simply pop open to use, collapse when done and stash away on your pack. BPA free and is made of food grade silicone to keep your dog safe.

Zippy Bowl

A lightweight, durable travel dog bowl folds in half and zips closed making it easy partner to the hydration flask.

Web Keeper

It's like an extra hand. Simply attach and let the strong bungee cord do the work. Strap on a flash light, glow stick, poop bag...

Do More With RSG & MOLLE Compatible Gear


Stub Leash

Durability meets functionality with the RSG Dog Stub Lead. Whether you're headed to a doggy play-date or mountain-bound for a great adventure, this lead will keep Fido close by your side.

Sling Thing

The RSG Sling Thing is a hands-free lead, an over-the-shoulder utility "belt" that allows you to have all of your walking or hiking gear ready at a minute's notice. The sling is fully adjustable in length to fit a range of sizes.

A first-of-its-kind, customizable collar. The wrap adjustment system gives your dog a near custom fit, and the MOLLE-compatible design allows you to customize your collar by adding MOLLE ID clips.

A quick, easy, hands-free solution for your next adventure with integrated MOLLE straps on the belt letting you customize the belt to fit your needs and activity.

Reviews from the Field


I love that I can swap out the gear on the harness based on our adventure planned for the day.


Mix and match with what fits your dog! Love the ease of taking things on and off and love all the velcro for patches!