Is your pup safe in the car?

Posted by on 18/05/2021


Did you know that you might be breaking the law every time you and your pup take a ride in the car?

It’s a requirement of the Highway Code that you take measures to adequately restrain your pet in the car during journeys. Not only can it keep your best friend safer during any accidents, but it also prevents them jumping around and causing a distraction. Have a read through the options below to work out what gear would work best for you, your vehicle and your pup. 

Booster seat 

Best for small dogs who may otherwise be too jostled in a large boot but who also enjoy riding shotgun. If your pup gets a little too excited on the drive and is prone to accidents, look for one with a removable and washable liner. 

Have a look through our booster seat options here:

Backseat guard

If you don’t have the biggest boot but you have a larger than life pup, a backseat guard may be the way to go for you and your furry friend. It allows them the freedom to stretch out, whilst ensuring nuzzles and high fives wait until you’ve finished your journey. 

Our backseat barrier is compact enough that it won’t restrict space, and it also features a deep pocket perfect for water bottles, balls and poo bags – everything you need for an adventure with your pup. You can find more information here:

Dog Crate or Carrier 

If your dog is extremely squirrely the best and safest option may be to use a dog crate or carrier during journeys. Make sure to fix the crate or carrier securely in your car and choose one that is big enough for your pup to comfortably lay down. Our Wander carrier is waterproof, provides plenty of ventilation through mesh panels and also comes with a seatbelt attachment: 


If you’re looking for ease, gear that’s multi-functional and doesn’t hold you back, a harness may be right for you and your pup. Our Impact and Enhanced Strength Tru fit harnesses are both certified crash tested for dogs up to 34kg and are quick and simple to use, meaning you and fido can get out on the open road, sooner. You can find more information here:


If you don’t want to splurge too much, using your existing pups harness with a tether may be the right way to go. Combining safety and functionality, a tether will restrain your pup without restricting her ability to sit up, lay down and stretch out. You can find our range of tethers here: